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Utawarerumono anime castUtawarerumono (Utawareru Mono) (The One Being Sung) (Shadow Warrior Chronicles)

Media: Anime TV Series
Origin: Utawarerumono PC game
Creator: Leaf
Vintage: 2002
Episodes: 26
Background:  Utawarerumono started out as an adult RPG game in Japan for the PC. Its well designed characters and epic story gained the title a solid fanbase. A Playstation 2 version of the PC game will be released in late 2006. A manga adaptation was started in 2005.  The Utawarerumono anime was released in 2006, it has been licensed for North American distribution slated for spring 2007.
Genre: Adventure, War, Harem, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, H-game origins, Animal ears/tails
Similar Anime: Izumo,
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Utawaretumono Anime Opening OP : "Madoromi no Rinne" by Eri Kawai

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Utawarerumono Anime Synopsis

  The protaganist of Utawarerumono is a man with no memories of his past.  He is found seriously wounded in the forest by Eruruu, Aruruu and their grandmother Tusukuru.  Tusukuru is an experienced healer and herbalist, she manages to save the amnesiac man with the help of the other girls.  Upon awakening, the man is confused.  He cannot remember even his own name and the only object in his possession is a horned mask which seems to be permanently attached to his upper face.

  Thankful to Tusukuru and her family, the protaganist decides to stay in the village and help out as best he can while he recovers.  His actions gain the respect of the villagers and gains Eruruu's attention.  Tusukuru decides to give the man a name, Hakuoro, after her own deceased son.  She also gives him a metal fan which is as much a weapon as it is ornamental.

  The peaceful life of the village is shattered one dark day when the local warlord arrives.  He believes the villagers are hiding a group of bandits led by a man named Oboro.  The bandits have been stealing food stocks from him and giving them back to the villagers.  Things quickly get out of hand and in the chaos, Tusukuru is killed by one of the soldiers.  The warlord retreats, but the villagers want revenge. Lacking a leader, they turn to Hakuro for guidance.  Although reluctant to start a revolt, Hakuoro eventually decides that this is the best course to ensure the future of the village.

With the help of Oboro and his men, Hakuoro leads the villagers to victory against the warlord.  But with the warlord overthrown, the country now had no ruler to govern it and maintain its borders against invaders.  Once again, the role fell on Hakuro's shoulders.  He now becomes the emperor of a country he fittingly renames Tsukuru.

    But the scent of war seems to stalk Hakuoro, and neighboring rulers began to take an interest in the new ruler.  Although Hakuro makes allies with the winged Onkami Yamukai, his enemies are greater and seem to appear on all sides.  Some claim Hakuoro commited horrible crimes in his past, others speak of a dark power inside him.  The countryside is being ravaged by foreign invaders and Hakuoro is forced to take action to protect his people. Although severly outnumbered in military strength, Hakuoro is a talented tactician has also has befriended some powerful warriors to aid his country.

Yet even as Hakuoro wins battle after battle, the conflict never seems to end.  There is someone sinister behind all of this, and his aim appears to be to draw out the darkness inside Harkuoro by pushing him to his limits.

Utawarerumono Anime Screen Captures / Screenshots

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