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Trinity BloodTrinity Blood

Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Sunao Yoshida
Animation: Gonzo
Vintage: 2004
Air Date: April 2005
Episodes: 24
Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Vampires, Horror, Gothic, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Military, Romance, Post Apocalypse, War
Background: Trinity Blood began as a light novel written by Sunao Yoshida. It was later adapted into a manga serialized in Asuka manga magazine in 2004 with story by Sunao Yoshida and artwork by Kiyo Kujou. In 2005, the Trinity Blood anime was first aired. It was directed by Tomohiro Hirata with animation by Gonzo.
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Trinity Blood anime ending (ED):
"Broken Wings" by Tomoko Tane
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Trinity Blood


Trinity Blood DVD 1
Trinity Blood
Trinity Blood manga 1
Trinity Blood
manga 1

Trinity Blood anime synopsis / summary:

  Trinity Blood is a gothic and science fiction themed anime series which takes place in a future where vampires and humans wage war against each other. Years ago, an apocalyptic war nearly wiped out all of civilization on the planet. In the present time, nations have rebuilt themselves and three new world powers have emerged. The Methuselahs are a nation of vampires who have a tense relationship with mankind, which they refer to as Terrans. Albion, a newly emerging superpower based in former Great Britain, possesses the largest stockpile of lost technologies from the previous war. And lastly the Vatican, a militarized version of the Roman Catholic Church whose purpose is to protect humanity from the vampires and other invaders who threaten their survival.

  The central character of Trinity Blood is Father Abel Nightroad, a member of the Vactican’s special operations section. Although he travels to other countries as an official representative of the Vatican, he is also an elite vampire hunter as part of the specialist team called AX. All members of AX must follow the order of their direct superior, Cardinal Catherina. Abel is a special member of AX because he is partly a vampire himself. He is a Crusnik, a vampire who feeds on the blood of other vampires. Abel is seemingly a harmless priest in his normal form, but when the need arises he activates nanomachines within his body to grant him to full powers of a Crusnik vampire.

  A new threat has appeared in the world of Trinity Blood. They call themselves Rozen Kreuz and they use terrorist tactics in order to bring down the current world powers in order to rebuild civilization based on their ideal of a perfect society. Rozen Kruez is dangerous in that they are comprised of both vampires and humans, and have agents inside every country plotting to destabilize the current tense standoff between the three major powers. Abel’s new mission is to investigate and hunt down Rozen Kruez. He is joined by a young nun named Esther Blanchett, whom he rescued on a mission. 2007 trinity blood