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The Third anime

The Third - the Girl with the Blue Eye (The Third - Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo)

Media: Anime TV Series
Origin: The Third novel
Creator: Ryo Hoshino, Nao Gato
Vintage: 1999
Air Date: April 2006
Episodes: 24
Background: The Third originated as a novel written by Ryo Hoshino with illustrations by Nao Gato and published by Kadokawa in 1999. In 2005, it was made into a manga serialized in Dragon AGE.  In 2006, it was adapted into a 24 episode anime called 'The Third - Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo'.
Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Mercenaries, Drama, Mecha, Comedy, Post Apocalypse, Tsundere
Similar Anime: Desert Punk, Shakugan no Shana
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The Third anime opening OP: "Sajou no Yume" by Yuko Sasaki

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The Third DVD 1
The Third DVD 1

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The Third anime synopsis / summary

  The Third is sci-fi and action genre anime set in a post apocalyptic world. A previous global conflict inflicted massive damage to the planet and killed the majority of the human popualation. The current world is mostly a barren desert with human settlements and cities scattered throughout the more hospitable areas.

   To prevent men from starting another conflict of such large scale, a group of advanced beings known as the Third govern mankind. The Third are named for their third red eye located on their foreheads. The red eye gives them the ability to integrate with various computer systems, allowing them greater access to information and communication.

  The Third have highly advanced technology, but have passed a 'techno taboo' onto mankind which makes it illegal for humans to possess advanced technology without direct permission from the Third. Though many individuals, especially mercenaries, use forbidden technology regardless. To enforce their rules, the Third send out teams of android mecha with sophisticated AI called Blue Breakers to track down and destroy the worst offenders.

  Honoka is a young mercenerary girl traveling in an assault tank operated by her guardian, a sentient AI named Bogie. Among mercernaries, Honoka is the youngest but is also one of the most skilled. She is nicknamed the 'Sword Dancer' because of her graceful skill with her katana. Honoka wears a hand band to hide the fact that she possesses an extra eye like the Third. But her eye is blue and grants her different abilities than the Third, particularly her ability to sense life and energy and her ability to generate cutting forces to attack enemies in battle. There are those among the Third elite who know of Honoka's secret and have developed an interest in her unique powers.

 One night while going to an assignment, Honoka and Bogie encountered a man standing in the middle of the desert. His name is Iks and he seemed completely oblivious to the fact he was being surrounded by giant stigma ants. After rescuing him, Honoka decided to take him with her back to the nearest settlement. Iks was very mysterious and had an incredible ability to heal Honoka's wounds. Honoka found it very easy to talk to Iks who had a gentle demeanor and developed a natural friendship with her. As thanks for saving him, Iks offered to hire Honoka and Bogie as a customer. His only condition was to allow him to travel with them and observe their world. 2006 v2 the third - aoi hitomi no shoujo