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Shuffle! castShuffle!

Media: Anime, Game, Manga
Creator: Navel
Air date: July 2005
Vintage: 2004
Episodes: 24
Background: Shuffle originated as an eroge game by Navel for the PC and PS2. Sequels to the game include Shuffle! On the Stage, Tick? Tack! and Really? Really!  Shuffle was adapted into an anime in 2005, a second anime with an alternative storyline called Shuffle! Memories will air in early 2007.
Genre: Harem, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Magic, God/Goddess
Similar Anime: Da Capo, Kanon
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Shuffle! anime opening (OP):"YOU" by YURIA

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Shuffle! Screenshots

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Shuffle! Primula figure
Primula PVC figure

Shuffle! Memories anime synopsis / summary:

  Shuffle! is a comedy and harem anime about a high school boy, Rin Tsuchimi, who must deal with the ‘consequences’ of having too many girls falling in love with him. In the Shuffle anime universe, beings known as gods and demons have traveled from their respective realms to live in human society. They possess magical powers, but wish only to form friendships with mankind. The only feature that distinguishes them from normal people is their pointy, elf-like ears.

  Rin Tsuchimi is a fairly normal high school student. He lives under the same roof as his childhood friend, Kaede Fuyou. Kaede is quite popular at school and even has a devoted fan club whose purpose is to ‘protect her’, but they mostly just terrorize Rin. Rin is also good friends with Asa Shigure, an energetic girl who has a secret crush on him.

  One day, two beautiful girls suddenly transfer into Rin’s class. Lisianthus (Sia) is the daughter of the king of the gods and Nerine is the daughter of the king of the demons. Both had traveled to earth in their youths and had met Rin. His kindness made a big impression on them and they’ve returned to marry him.

  Nerine and Sia quickly earn their own devoted fan clubs, but again, the clubs’ only purpose seems to be to make Rin’s life a living hell. As if things weren’t complicated enough, Rin meets a young girl from the demon realm at an arcade who has an unexplained attachment to him. A classmate witnesses the scene and mistakes Rin as a lolicon; it won’t be too long before rumors start flying at school. 2007 shuffle