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My OtomeMy-Otome (Mai-Otome)

Media: Anime, Manga
Creator:  Sunrise
Animation: Sunrise
Vintage: 2005
Episodes: 26
Background: Mai-Otome is a spin-off series based on the original Mai-Hime anime which was released in 2004.  Many of the character personalities and seiyuus were retained, but character roles have been changed. The Mai-Otome anime first aired in late 2005 with animation by Sunrise and was directed by Masakazu Obara. An OAV series was later released in 2006.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Shounen, Magic Girl, School Life, Comedy, Science Fiction, War
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My-Otome anime opening OP: "Dream Wing" by Minami Kuribayashi

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My-Otome anime synopsis / summary:

  Mai-Otome or My-Otome is a comedy and action/adventure anime series based on an alternate version of the My-Hime universe. The setting is on a distant planet in the future which has been colonized my mankind long ago. But much of the original technology has been lost, and rival kingdoms have formed with the balance of power based on military strength.

  Windbloom is the kingdom with sole possession of the nanomachines technology, but the only ones able to use it are female virgin warriors called Otomes. The Otomes live by a strict code and are trained at Windbloom’s Garderobe academy in both combat and etiquette. When Otomes have proven themselves, they are promoted to Meister Otomes and are sent to serve as bodyguards for the leaders of the various kingdoms. An Otome’s nanomachines grant her many superhuman abilities, and she has the firepower equal to an entire army. Thus, many countries are interested in the technology and send their own young female candidates to train at Garderobe.

  Arika Yumemiya is an energetic 14 years old girl who travels to the kingdom of Windbloom in search of information about her mother. She had been raised in the countryside by her grandmother and has never seen her mother before. Her only clue is a jeweled pendant of her mother’s and the fact that she was once a famous Otome. Upon arriving at the city, Arika meets her future friend and rival, Nina Wong, an Otome candidate at Garderobe. Initially, Arika and Nina don’t get along well because Arika has no notion of what an Otome really is. When a mechanical monster called a Slave appears in the city, the Meister Otome Shizuru Viola is called upon to defeat it. Awed by a Meister Otome’s balance of grace and power, Arika is determined to become an Otome herself and follow in her mother’s footsteps.

My-Otome Screenshots

Arike PVC my otome
My-Otome Arika
PVC figure 2007 my-otome