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Major Season 3

Major - Season Three

Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Takuya Mitsuda
Animation: Studio Hibari
Vintage: 1994
Air Date: January 2007
Episodes: 26
Background: Major began as a baseball manga by Takuya Mitsuda that has been serialized in Shounen Sunday since 2004 and has spanned over 63 volumes thus far.  Major -Season Three continues from the first two seasons and features Goro Honda as the main character.  Like the other seasons, Season Three is also directed by Kenichi Kasai.
Genre: Shounen, Sports, Comedy, Drama
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Major Season 3 anime synopsis / summary

    Shigeharu Honda's son Goro continues to follow after his father's footsteps in aiming for the major leagues of baseball.  But strangely, in his second year of high school, Goro transfers from Kaido, a school famous for its baseball team, to Seishuu, a school which has never had a male baseball team team before.  Goro's plan is to form his own team at Seishuu and then make it to Koshien, the nationwide tournament championships, to challenge his former team Kaido.  However, he must face many challenges before his dream is realized; the first of which is that, including himself, there are just eight male students available, and there's no guarantee any of the others would want to join Goro's baseball team.

Major Season 3 anime screenshots
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