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Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Neko Neko Software
Animation: Picture Magic, Trinet Entertainment
Air Date: October 2005
Episodes: 12
Genre:  Slice of Life, Drama, Romance, School Life, Harem, Video Game Origins
Background: Lamune was originally a date sim game created by Neko Neko Software.  The anime adaptaion first aired in 2005 and was directed by Jun Takada
Similar Anime: Da Capo, Saishuu Shiken Kujira
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Anime Summary / Synopsis:

    Tomosaka Kenji, the male protaganist, has lived on a small town by the seaside since he was a child.  His childhood friend is a girl Konoe Nanami, who is kind and gentle but clumsy. They are neighbours with their balconies just meters away from each other. Tomosaka and Konoe are now teenagers attending high school.  Although everyone knows they have a relationship, the two are hesitant to advance their relationship any further.  This is a story of friendship and light-hearted drama.

  "Lamune" means lemonade.  A brand of drink called 'Ramune' is also referenced in the anime.

Lamune anime screenshots:
lamune-1.jpg lamune-2.jpg lamune-3.jpg lamune-4.jpg lamune-5.jpg lamune-6.jpg 2007 lamune