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Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Yuna Kagesaki
Animation: J.C. Staff
Vintage: 2003
Air Date: November 2005
Episodes: 24
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Vampires, Supernatural, Romance
Background: Karin was originally a manga by Yuna Kagesaki which was serialized in manga magazine Dragon AGE in 2003. In the same year, it was also adapted into a series of mystery novels by Tohru Kai.  In 2005, Karin was adapted into the anime TV series and was directed by Shinichiro Kimura (Maburaho).
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Karin DVD

Karin Limited
Edition DVD
Anime Summary / Synopsis:

    Karin Maaka is the daughter of a family of vampires. But Karin is not like her family and is can be considered a reverse vampire. She can walk in day light and goes to school like a normal girl, but every once in awhile, her body will overproduce blood causing her to have an embarrassing massive nosebleed. Although she fights the urge, the only way for Karin to get rid of her excess blood is to bite into the neck of a human and inject it into the person. And every time Karin requires the help of her vampire family to hide her activities because she lacks the vampire powers to mesmerize humans as well. Despite, this Karin attempts as best she can to live the life of a normal high school girl. But one day an odd looking transfer student arrives in her class. Although he is not particularly good looking, something about him makes Karin flush, making her lose control of her blood levels.

Karin anime screenshots:
karin-8.jpg karin-1.jpg karin-2.jpg karin-3.jpg karin-4.jpg karin-7.jpg karin-6.jpg karin-5.jpg 2007 karin