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gunparade orchestraGunparade Orchestra

Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Alfa System
Animation: Brains Base
Vintage: 2000
Air Date: October 2005
Episodes: 24
Genre: Mecha, School Life, Military, Video Game Origins, Romance, Science Fiction
Background: The Gunparade series began as a PlayStation game developed by Alfa System in 2000.  A Gunparade Orchestra manga by Hiroyuki Sanadura was serialized in Comic Dengeki Daioh.  The anime adaptation first aired in 2005 and was directed by Yutaka Sato (Transformers: Superlink)
Similar Anime: Bokurano, Reideen
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Anime Summary / Synopsis:

   In the Gunparade universe, aliens known as Phantom Beasts have invaded and taken over fifty percent of the planet.  Over decades of fighting the alien threat, mankind has developed mecha called Human Walking Tanks or HWTs to aid in their fight.  But casualties have been high, so a program was set up to draft students into the HWTs pilot programs to ensure a future generation of trained fighters.

    Gunparade March focuses on the 108th Guard Squad stationed in Japan.  The students here are poorly trained, inexperienced and would have no hope of holding their ground in a real combat situation.  A girl named Hiroshi Ishizuka from one of the more elite units is sent to join the 108th.  She must help these ‘rejects’ become an effective fighting force if they ever hope of surviving the war against the Phantom Beasts.
Gunparade Orchestra anime screenshots:
gunparade-orchestra-1.jpg gunparade-orchestra-2.jpg gunparade-orchestra-3.jpg gunparade-orchestra-4.jpg gunparade-orchestra-5.jpg gunparade-orchestra-6.jpg 2007 gunparade orchestra