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    Media: Anime, Game
    Origin: Gift PC game
    Creator: Moonstone
    Vintage: 2005
    Background:  Gift was first a PC H-game developed by Moonstone in 2005.  In 2006, a PS2 port of the game was made as well as an anime adaptation by studio Oriental Light and Magic.
    Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Magic, H-Game Origins, Harem, Love Triangle
    Similar Anime: Da Capo
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    Gift Eternal Rainbow Anime opening OP :

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    Gift Eternal Rainbow Anime Synopsis

      Haruhiko Amami's home town, Narasakicho, is special in that a magical eternal rainbow always casts over it.  No one knows where the rainbow originated, but it has the power to grant 'gifts'.   Gift is a magic power which grants wishes when two people's hearts unite, the giver then has a once in a life time wish granted for the one he/she loves.  But if their feelings aren't mutual, the wish can become distorted and cause damage and chaos instead.

    Riko Fukumine was just a young girl when she lost her parents.  The Amami family adopted her and she and Haruhiko became non-related siblings.  Though neither admitted to it, they had fallen in love with each other.  But due to financial difficulties, Riko had to move away leaving Haruhiko broken hearted.

      Years later, Haruhiko is a teenager attending high school.  Kirino Konosaka, a junior to Haruhiko in the same school, come to wake him up every morning and even prepares breakfast.  In truth, she has a crush on him but Haruhiko is clueless to the fact.  However, Kirino was satisfied with their relationship because she and Haruhiko spent their mornings together everyday.

      On their way home one day, they suddenly saw Riko waiting for them at Haruhiko's home.  After so many years of separation, Riko has finally returned to live with Haruhiko and his family again.  And it seems Riko and Haruhiko's feeling for each other never faded during their time apart.  Kirino steps down for Riko and stops coming to Haruhiko's house in the mornings, but her feelings for Haruhiko are not as easily put away.  There's also the eternal rainbow and the 'Gift' power, a mystery that may be tied to Riko.

    Gift Eternal Rainbow Anime Screen Captures / Screenshots

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