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Emma - victorian romanceEmma - A Victorian Romance
(Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma)

Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Kaoru Mori
Animation: Studio Pierrot
Vintage: 2002
Episodes: 12
Background: Emma - A Victorian Romance began as a manga by Kaoru Mori and was serialized in Monthly Comic Beam beginning in 2002.  It was adapted into the anime in 2005 by Studio Pierrot.  A second season is scheduled for 2007.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Historical, Slice of Life
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Emma - A Victorian Romance anime opening OP: "Silhouette of a Breeze" by Kunihiko Ryo

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Emma  Screenshots


Emma manga 1
Emma manga

Emma PVC figure
Emma 1/7 PVC figure

Emma - A Victorian Romance anime synopsis / summary:

 Victorian Romance Emma is a drama and romance anime set in 19th century England about the love affair between two people of very different social classes. The story is set in London as it was in 1885. William Jones, the heir to a wealthy merchant family, goes to visit Kelly Stoner, his tutor while he was growing up. Madame Stoner is retired and has since hired a maid to care for her.

  William arrives at Madame Stoner’s house, but before he could knock he is hit in the face as the door suddenly opens. An apologetic maid greets William and helps him up. William is immediately taken by her grace and beauty. He proceeds to have tea with Madame Stoner and learns that the woman’s name is Emma. During his entire visit, William found it very hard to keep his attention away from Emma. In the following days, he made multiple excuses to visit Madame Stoner just to see Emma again.

  William had fallen in love with Emma, and she likewise with him. But unfortunately, the world is a lot more complicated. William is from the wealthy gentry class and Emma is a lowly house maid. A marriage between the two will create a scandal that will permanently scar the reputation of the Jones family. William’s father wishes for him to marry into the peerage (nobles) because although the Jones family has vast fortunes, nobility cannot be purchased. He has arranged, without his son’s consent, for William to court Eleanor Campbell, the daughter of a viscount.

  William treats Eleanor with kindness like a true gentleman, and she subsequently falls in love with him. Yet she is unaware that William’s thoughts still lie with Emma. William’s father eventually learns about Emma and warns him to forget her and remember his duty to his family and their future. However, William is not about to give in and is ready to challenge England’s entire social order for the sake of his love. 2007 victorian romance emma