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elemental geladeElemental Gelade (Elementar Gerad)

Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Mayumi Azuma
Animation: Xebec
Vintage: 2002
Air Date: April 2005
Episodes: 26
Genre: Adventure, Action, Shounen, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Pirate
Background: Elemental Gelade was originally a manga by Mayumi Azuma which was serialize in Monthly Comic Blade in 2002.  It was adapted into the anime in 2005 and was directed by Shigeru Ueda with animation by Xebec.  The anime has been licensed by Geneon Entertainment in North America.
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Elemental Gelade anime opening OP: "Forever" by Savage Genius

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Elemental Gelade
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Elemental Gelade DVD

Elemental Gelade manga
Elementar Gerad anime summary / synopsis:

  Coud "Cou" Van Giruet is a rookie member of the Red Links, a group of Sky Pirates who make a living raiding the sky ships of the excessively wealthy.  After one particular raid on an unusually heavily defended merchant ship, Cou goes to check out the loot.  In one of the containers he discovers a girl named Ren.  Cou is awestruck by her beauty, but Ren is in fact not human.  She is one of the race of beings called Edel Reid and are prized by many nations for granting special powers by “reacting” with a human host.

  The Red Links are soon visited by the “Arc Aire”, a group who specializes in recovering stolen Edel Reid.  Their leader, Cisqua, informs Cou that Ren is a particularly rare and special Edel Reid.  They offer over fifty million for Ren to be returned peacefully but Cou becomes angry and insists that Ren cannot be sold like an object.  Cisqua decides that they have no choice but to use force, but before she can attack, a third party of attackers storm the pirate ship.  Their target is, of course, Ren but Cou refuses to hand her over to anyone.  Cou does his best to protect Ren but is outmatched by his attackers.  After seeing Cou’s determination, Ren voluntarily “reacts” with him to grant him the powers of an Edel Reid. 2007 elemental gelade