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    Canvas 2 - Rainbow Colored Sketch (Canvas 2 - Niji Iro no Sketch)

    Media: Anime, Manga, Game
    Origin: Canvas 2 PC game
    Creator: F&C
    Vintage: 2004
    Episodes: 24
    Background:  Canvas was first an adult dating sim game developed for the PC by F&C.  In 2001, it was adpated into a two episode anime OAV called Canvas - Motif of Sepia.  In 2006 the second game, Canvas 2, was adapted into the anime TV series Canvas 2 - Rainbow Coloured Sketch.
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Love Triangle, Harem, Incest, Art
    Similar Anime: Comic Party, Love Wind
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    Canvas 2 Anime Opening OP : "Plastic Smile" by Honey Bee (YURIA)

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    Canvas 2 Rainbow Colored Sketch Anime Synopsis

      Canvas 2 is a romance and drama anime set in the Nadesico Academy which is well known for its arts program. The main character is Hiroki Kamikura, he is serving as a part-time arts instructor at Nadesico but hasn’t done any art himself in many years. Hiroki was an art prodigy when he was younger, but was devastated when his best friend, Yagani, stole his composition and won a scholarship competition with it. Yagani did it out of jealousy because while he loved Kiri Kikyou, a girl who often modeled for them, she had a crush on Hiroki. Since then, Hiroki has abandoned his dream of becoming an artist and pursued a teaching career instead.

      Hiroki lives with his younger cousin, Elis Housen, who is half Japanese and half French. Hiroki has been her guardian ever since she lost her parents in a car accident. Elis was inspired by Hiroki to become a painter and has become very talented, but she is limited because she fears using the color red since she was traumatized by seeing her parents’ blood in the car crash. Elis has been enrolled in Nadesico Academy and goes with Hiroki to school every day. She has developed romantic feelings for him. Hiroki realizes this but tries to ignore them because he sees Elis as a little sister.

      On their arrival at Nadesico on Elis’ first day, Hiroki meets a familiar woman at the gates. It is Kiri, she has become a physical education teacher since Hiroki lost contact with her after high school. Hiroki is shocked by how much more beautiful and mature Kiri has become. And is it a coincidence that she requested a transfer to Nadesico shortly after Hiroki began working there?

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