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black catBlack Cat

Media: Anime TV Series
Creator: Kentaro Yabuki
Vintage: 2000
Episodes: 24
Genre: Adventure, Action, Mercenary, Comedy, Guns, Shounen, Science Fiction, Supernatutal
Background: Black Cat began as a manga by Kentaro Yabuki which was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump beginning in 2000.  In 2005, the Black Cat anime adaptation was aired with animation production by Gonzo and directed by Shin Itagaki.
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Black Net anime opening OP: "Daia no Hana" by Yoriko

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Black Cat


black cat DVD 1
Black Cat anime

black cat manga 1
Black Cat
manga 1

black cat eve figure pvc
Black Cat
Eve PVC figure
Black Cat anime synopsis / summary:

  Train Heartnet was a member of the elite group of erasers (assassins) known as the Chronos Numbers.  The secret underground organization known as Chronos used Train and other assassins to maintain their control over a third of the world.  Train was one of their best gunfighters with amazing speed and accuracy.  Because it was rumored that no one targeted by Train has ever survived, he gained the nickname the ‘Black Cat.’

  Although he was ruthless in his work and showed little compassion or remorse, on one mission, Train failed to kill his target because his child was present.  The situation made Train remember his childhood trauma of seeing his parents murdered.  Soon after, Train meets Saya Minatsuki, a sweeper (bounty hunter) who changes Train’s outlook on life.  She convinces Train to leave Chronos.  However, Creed Diskenth, a fellow assassin in Chronos, could not accept Train’s choice to leave the organization and kills Saya.  To honor the memories of Saya, Train becomes a sweeper himself and later partners up with Sven Vollfied and Eve to hunt down criminals and fight injustice. 2007 black cat