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ah my goddessOh! My Goddess (Ah My Goddess!) (Aa! Megami-sama!)

Media: Anime, Manga
Creator: Kosuke Fujishima
Animation: AIC
Vintage: 1988
Episodes: 26
Background: Oh! My Goddess began as a manga  by Kosuke Fujishima and was first serialized in Afternoon manga magazine in 1988.  The first anime adaptation of Oh! My Goddess was in 1994 in the form of a five episode OAV. A spin-off anime called the Adventures of Mini-Goddess was released in 1998. In 2000, the Ah! My Goddess movie directed by Hiroaki Goda was released. In 2005, the first season of the Ah! My Goddess anime TV series aired with animation by AIC and directed by Hiroaki Goda. Unlike previous anime versions, the TV series is much more loyal to the manga. A second season began airing in 2006.
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Shounen, God/Goddess, Magic, Slice of Life
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Ah My Goddess! anime opening OP: "Open Your Mind" by Yoko Ishida

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Ah My Goddess! Screenshots


Ah my Goddess DVD 1
Ah! My Goddess

Ah my Goddess manga 1
Ah! My Goddess
manga 1
Oh! My Goddess anime synopsis / summary:

  Keiichi Morisato is a college freshman who was born under an unlucky star.  He is a member of the college motor club and loves tinkering with mechanical stuff.  But although he is pure and honest, he is short and poor so has no luck in his love life.  However, things are about to change for the better for Keiichi when Heaven decides to intervene.  Heaven’s computer, Yggdrasil has deemed Keiichi to receive one wish to be granted from one of its goddesses.  One evening when Keiichi is alone in his dorm room, he receives a visit from the goddess Belldandy.  Keiichi is instantly enchanted by the beautiful goddess but believes she must be part of a prank set up by his motor club members.  When Belldandy asks Keiichi for his sole wish, he jokingly wishes for her to stay with him forever.  Belldandy accepts and happily grants his wish.  The anime follows the relationship that develops between Keiichi and Belldandy.  However, there are those in Heaven who may want to interfere, particularly Belldandy’s two sisters, Urd and Skuld. 2007 ah my goddess