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I''s PureI''s Pure OVA

Media: Anime, Manga
Creator:  Masakazu Katsura
Animation: Studio Pierrot
Vintage: 1997
Episodes: 6
Background: I's Pure was originally a manga authored by Masakazu Katsura.  The complete series spans 15 volumes and was first serialized in Shonen Jump in 1997. A From I"s OVA was released in 2002, but did not use the original characters or story in the manga. In 2005, the I''s Pure OVA was released, it is a more genuine adaptation of the manga.
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Love Triangle, School Life, Ecchi
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I's Pure Screenshots / Screen Captures

I''s Pure anime opening OP: "Futari no I''s -i will follow you-" by Mizuho

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I''s Pure anime synopsis / summary

Ichitaka Seto is a high school student.  Since he first saw her, he has been in love with the beautiful Iori Yoshizuki.  However, she is famous in the school and has many admirers especially after she did a photo shoot for a local magazine.  Feeling unworthy, Ichitaka kept his feelings to himself, but still admired Iori from a distance.  He promised himself he would continue to protect and support her even if she doesn't know him.

  But his luck was about to change when the teacher picked him and Iori as the class representatives to perform a skit for the next school festival.  But during their meetings together, Ichitaka put up a cold impression to Iori because he was still too shy to talk to her.  When it seemed Iori finally got fed up with him, she stood up and wrote down on a notebook the letters I''s.  It was to represent their team name since they 'I' was the first letter of their first names.  To Ichitaka, this was the first sign that Iori may have feelings for him as well.

  Yet things are about to become more complicated when Itsuki Akiba, Ichitaka's close childhood friend, returns from America.  She was a tomboyish girl who was always playful with Ichitaka.  When they were reunited, Ichitaka thought she had not changed a bit. What he did not realize was that Itsuki had a crush on him.
I''s Manga

I''s manga volume1
I''s manga volume 1

I''s manga volume2
I''s manga volume 2 2006 I''s pure